Anybody who has been on the ‘dating web’ will tell you it is absolutely very easy to date someone awful or rather boring.

While some will mess your life up, waste your time and God-knows-what with your ‘biological clock,’ others will make you feel like a real woman!.

But just like any other girl out there having fun…. you rarely notice this until the day you break up and understand you actually missed the tell-tell signs of their general lack of decency.

For those having sex for the first time… ‘freshers’ and tick the below signs, then you will know you are likely to be having sex to a decent man!

1. They’re more than happy to go down

Go for someone who takes joy in giving you pleasure.

2. Foreplay isn’t optional, it’s essential

Anyone who thinks foreplay can casually be skipped and they can dive straight in is, first off, likely to give you a rubbish sexual experience, and also clearly doesn’t know much about how bodies work in general – and they haven’t bothered to learn.

3. And it’s not just a quick rub and shove

A half-hearted hand job for ten seconds before expecting action really isn’t good enough.

If they’re building up to things and making you feel good for your enjoyment, that’s a positive sign.

4. Sex doesn’t end just because they came

If they’ll happily roll over and give you oral after they’re satisfied, they’re a keeper.

5. They actually care about your pleasure

Hooray, you’re not just an object they’re using to get off.

They take time to make sure you’re enjoying things, and, if you’re not making it super obvious that you’re enjoying yourself, they ask if you’re feeling good.

6. They make sure they have your full, informed consent


7. They make you feel great about your body

They touch you with appreciation, they compliment you, and generally make you feel like your bod is extremely hot and appealing.

If you feel like you’re hiding away, that they’re judging the way you look, or that you’re not sure if they’re actually attracted to you, ditch ’em and find someone who shows you how great your body truly is.

8. They check that you came afterwards

A lot of times it’s obvious, but the fact that they ask afterwards (and not in a ‘did you cum after I just aggressively pumped for two minutes’ way, but in a genuine, ‘how was that for you?’ way) shows that they are actually bothered about your pleasure, which is key.

9. But they don’t take it as a personal affront if you didn’t

Your orgasm is not their achievement or a task to tick off. Sometimes it just won’t happen, sometimes they just needed to do something different that you’ll now tell them about.

If they get annoyed, offended, or defensive, again, they don’t understand how sexual pleasure works. Bad sign.

10. They’re open to feedback

They’ll listen to you explaining a specific thing that gets you off and take it into consideration for next time, or they’ll change positions when you explain what works best mid-session.

They won’t get pissy or act like you’re being demanding for saying what you like.

Why? Because, again, they actually care about making you feel good.