Twenty students in Navakholo subcounty, in Kakamega have procured safe abortion and returned to school.

They were assisted by Bumulusi CBO which advocates for safe abortion in the area.

Bumulusi chairperson Pamela Wambongo said that the school girls conceived during Christmas holidays.

“They were referred to us and after counselling them, we referred then to health facilities we’re working with in promoting safe abortions. This has avoided possible deaths or permanent complications that could results from them using crude methods to procure abortions,” she said.

She was addressing parents at Nambacha market on Thursday. Wambongo said that the pregnancies were a result of local dances popularly known as disco matanga and boda boda riders who take advantage of the young girls.

Bumulusi is one of the CBOs supported by IPAS Alliance Africa in Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR).

Medics from health facilities offering comprehensive abortion care in Khwisero and Navakholo sub-counties of Kakamega said in November that stigma associated with abortion continues to keep away women in need of safe abortions from visiting hospitals for the services in Kakamega County.

They said that young women fear seeking the services from them because working hours of health facilities are unfriendly to them.

The medics said they receive an average of 10 women seeking to procure safe abortions every month.

There is raging debate as to whether abortion should be legalised in Kenya or not.

The constitution outlaws abortion in Kenya, unless recommended by a qualified doctor to save either the lives of the mother or child.

Wambongo said that the organisation should not be misconstrued to promote abortion. She said that the campaigns are meant to ensure that are safe, if they are to be performed for whatever reasons.