Intimacy in a long-lasting relationship is not easy. This is because with time couples get busy as their lives progress. With time, schedules become tight and sex life is shelved for when time allows.

This is unhealthy since relationships are building on bonds between the partners, including the sexual bond.

Couples find it hard to keep the fire burning but there are ways to keep their sexual lives active;

Create time for each other

It is advisable to set schedules for intimacy and talks for each other. Meeting only after work when both of you are exhausted kills your relationship slowly. Setting sexual dates even within the house is a big step towards remaining active.

Honour the bedroom

Due to the progress in partners lives, the bedroom slowly turns into a place where both can discuss talks their challenges at work or in business. This kills the bedroom vibe where couples should only sleep and be intimate. Bringing kids along is also another crime.

Talk about intimacy

The more you talk about something the more it fills your mind. Not talking about your sex life kicks it out of your schedules with time. Talking about it also keeps your partner psyched up to the act.

Know each other’s turn-ons

One major mistake that couples do is to take intimacy for granted by assuming each other’s needs in bed. Others stick to the initial ones they knew without caring if those have changed. You need to know what turns your partner ion, depending on the situation at hand.

Value one on one time

With the busy schedules, partners often fail to have bonding moments. The only tie they have talks is via gadgets over the day or briefly in the evening when they are already so tired. You should create time too just talk to your partners, especially over the day.

Have sensible expectations

It is good to think of one’s partner in a great way, but one has to realize that the partner is human. Expecting your partner to do the extraordinary five years down the relationship is mean and will mostly leave you disappointed. Understand that with the many responsibilities picked along the way, your partner may not do you as they did earlier in the relationship.

Laugh together in the bedroom

There is intimacy in just finding things to laugh at in the bedroom. Research shows that doing this more often allows one to loosen up and ease the tension that has accumulated over the day. You should always engage your partner in such, to create good vibe between the both of you.

Originally by U Report