Former Bomet governor Isaac Rutto is slowly creeping back to public limelight after the humiliating defeat in August by Joyce Laboso.

Rutto has spent the last two weeks attending social events across the county and declaring his support for the new county administration and Jubilee’s Uhuruto administration.

After the August election, Rutto kept off public forums before surfacing to switch political camp in the rerun presidential election after Supreme Court annulled the August election.

The Chama Cha Mashinani party leader has used the social events to announce that despite declaring support for Jubilee leadership he has not change his stand on matters devolution.

“I am still the same man and despite being in political cold I am still championing for more funds to be devolved so that rural areas can develop,” Rutto said while addressing parents at Chelsa Academy during a thanks giving and prize giving day recently.

He said he will use his position as a party leader of CCM to pressure the government to devolve more funds to the counties.

“I will speak and push using CCM elected MPs and MCAs for the government to see the need to increase allocation to the county government. It is my dream to see that county government takes off and become operational fully for the sake of development programs in areas the national government cannot reach,” Rutto added.

He however cautioned that his decision to move around the county to attend social events should not be misconstrued to mean that he was out to undermine the currents administration.

“I am a member of the community within the county and I will be playing my role of development using my resources. Even if it means selling a goat in my home to help in developing the county I will do that and that should not be mistaken to be undermining the administration of Governor Laboso,” Rutto added.

He his ambition is to see a better Bomet even in his absence in leadership.

Ruto challenge the elected leaders in the country to stay focus and true to their election promises.

Political observers have however said the former Governor was seeking his way back and laying ground for the next round of face off with Laboso.

Rutto has been rumored to be one of those who might be considered for a cabinet position even as DP Ruto seeks to build his ground ahead of 2022.

It is, however, not clear whether Rutto will make it to the cabinet considering his current political stand with his CCM party.