A 75-year old granny was shot on Friday morning in Migori town as NASA’s anti IEBCs demos turned chaotic.

Jennifer Njenda was shot on the right shoulder as she was leaving a hospital where she had gone to seek medical attention.

The granny was returning home from hospital. buzzkenya.com

The granny was returning home from hospital. buzzkenya.com

According to her granddaughter Maureen Akoth, the grandmother had been residing with them because she was sick.

She was rushed back to Ombo mission hospital where she is current recuperating.

Another man, a boda boda operator only identified as bonny was also shot at the thigh as he rode his motor bike near the national bank along the main highway.

The police, however, denied knowledge of any shooting and affirmed they were investigating the matter.

“I am still finding out if my officers shot the victims”. Nation County Commandant Joseph Nthenge told the nation newspaper.

Migori town remained deserted for the better part of the day after contingents of anti-riot police swarmed the streets in the morning.

NASA supporters, however, remained adamant the police will never infringe their rights of picketing whatsoever. They vowed to keep the demos alive until their voices are heard.