Jimmy Wanjigi is among Kenya’s richest business moguls. He was very instrumental in bringing together President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto in the run up to 2013 general elections.

He is famously known as ‘James Bond’ on social, political and business circles because of his shadowy but influential profile.

He was President Uhuru Kenyatta’s school mate at the prestigious St Mary’s School in Nairobi.

Before he rose to financial fame, Wanjigi worked at his father’s company in Westlands, where he had found solace after he returned from the University of York, having enrolled at the Canadian institution in 1982 shortly after leaving St Mary’s School, Nairobi.

According to close friends he left the university before graduating.

In his early years, before power, opulence and influence found space in his life the young Wanjigi opened an office on 5th Floor, Ukulima Plaza.

It was then that he became friends with Brigadier (Rtd) Wilson Boinett who had been appointed to head the Special Branch in 1995 with a singular agenda of transforming the spy agency from a tool for the suppression of dissent to intelligence gathering.

Associates describe Wanjigi as an ambitious man who has fought to build his business empire, the Kwach Group of Companies, which has interests virtually in every sector, from mining to real estate.

In 2002, he was mentioned in leaked US cables by whistleblower website WikiLeaks which linked him to government tenders worth billions of shillings.