Akothee is the mother of five kids. Quite large for the nuclear modern family that has three at the most. But she might also be the mother of controversy, if her latest offering on social media is anything to go by.

From speaking about her baby daddies to her business empire or to how much wealth she has, she has no chills.

So what has she done now? Well, Akothee has come out to speak out on how nunus are supposed to be used. In her rant, she goes hard against the haters dissing her for how she uses her sex life to benefit her.

She wrote, “If am rich because of nunu then you must be broke coz of fu**ing with wrong people upgrade your sex life and stop exchanging it for champagne! business class tickets & a lifestyle better grab some land or just #callpolis, every woman got a pu**y between her legs that all men are falling victims for irrespective of class & education! Idiot you won’t call celebrities names while am here abiro yanyi proper, been watching you 2017, haya 2018 nitakutukana ujidharau, abuse me with your achievements yet you had sex every single day in 2017 but still broke like a church mouse come baby come #callpolis it’s my wall, it’s you following me I am not following you & it’s not by thuon! Go to your role model page mdanganyane huko! I will scare you with the truth but they will kill you with lies.”