Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has called upon those who lost in the just concluded August 8 polls to seek legal redress through the laid down constitutional procedures.

“We cannot afford to see the country degenerate to lawlessness on account of contesting electoral outcomes when there are clearly laid down procedures through the justice system” read the statement.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission

Although the polls were conducted to a large extent in an orderly, peaceful and transparent manner across most polling centers, its monitoring teams came across isolated incidents of voter bribery and other malpractices.

The commission has documented a total of 26 cases of alleged voter bribery incidences in their Report.

According to the report, affected polling stations were in Garissa, Meru, Busia, Wajir, Nyamira and Machakos Counties.

Seven cases were handled by the police, one was referred to the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, the Commission is pursuing two cases of voter bribery and the other sixteen cases were pursued but remained unsubstantiated on various accounts.

“The commission in the exercise of this mandate is an important stakeholder in the election process for the purposes of ensuring, not only the integrity of the election process but also the integrity of those who contest for various elective positions”

The election drew a lot of interest internationally, signifying the importance of Kenya in the region and the world at largek

The huge number of observer mission from all over the world in the election was unprecedented.

“We deployed a total of eleven teams consisting of 60 members of staff, who undertook observation duties in a number of polling stations across the country.

The commission also notified elected leaders that at the time of taking oath of office must sign and commit to the Specific Leadership and Integrity Code prescribed by the public entity to which they are assuming.

“As a commission we require all State officers elected and those to be appointed or nominated pursuant to the General Election to sign, and commit to leadership and integrity Codes at the time o of taking Oath of Office” said EACC in a statement.