A new study has revealed that an Apple watch could be used to detect a heart condition by monitoring heart beats.

The study, conducted by Cardiogram app developers and researchers from University of California, San Francisco Health eHeart Project, sought to determine the effectiveness of the Watch in tracking atrial fibrillation (AF), the most common heart abnormality.

The result of the study was the mRhythm project, whose data was then used to build an algorithm to detect the heart beat variability caused by AF.

The Apple Watch could soon be used to detect heart problems according to a study

According to the developer, Avesh Singh, the algorithm was 97 per cent accurate, which is a vast improvement of the existing methods of detection.

“The most promising finding of our study is proof that consumer-grade wearables can be used to detect disease. The future is bright here, and there are a few research directions that are particularly interesting to us.”

AF, the major cause of heart failure, is treatable but usually difficult to diagnose with the current medical practices.