Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli yesterday lashed out at Jubilee MPs for seeking to amend the election laws.

He said the move will trigger revolution through mass action. He said this is a plot to interfere with the electoral process.

“The majority of these MPs are beneficiaries of a flawed system and taking such moves will provoke people like us who are neutral in political matters to join forces with civil society and we shall eject them,” Atwoli said.

He said the August 8 presidential election was nullified because the IEBC system was flawed. Judges should not be crucified for mistakes committed by other entities, the unionist added.

Atwoli said it was unfair for Jubilee to ride on its parliamentary numbers to hurriedly amend election laws because they lost the election and the courts did not rule in their favour.

Jubilee wants the results of the next presidential election transmitted manually. This will make electronic transmission complementary.

The bill was tabled in Parliament yesterday for First Reading. It seeks to amend the IEBC Act, the Elections Act and the Elections Offences Act.

It states that where there is a discrepancy between the electronically transmitted and manually transmitted results, the manually transmitted results shall prevail.

Atwoli said, “If I was the DP William Ruto, I would have opposed this move in strongest terms possible because it will haunt his 2022 presidential bid. These are just temporary laws because Uhuru will only be in power for five years. What happens to those who will be seeking presidency thereafter?”.

Atwoli said it is worrying that instead of parliamentarians debating on critical issues that are affecting the country, they have taken tyranny of numbers which is dividing the country more.

When you lose, be sober, re-organise and assess what happened and wait for the next time.

Atwoli said the MPs should be reminded that just like a river will always claim its natural path even when diverted, Kenyans will some day reclaim the parliament.

He further reached out to President Uhuru Kenyatta and his competitor Raila Odinga to soften their stands by embracing law and dialogue ahead of the repeat election.

Let them not take Kenya hostage, let them meet on a give and take with IEBC and stop this name calling to solve any issues related to the election, he said.

Atwoli said as much as religious leaders may commit time to pray, prayer is not in the equation of success equation but proper decision making.