National Assembly majority leader, Aden Duale has asked the Commission for University Education (CUE) to award charters to Islamic universities operating in the country.

Speaking in Garissa, Duale said that it was the high time the government initiated the process of granting charters to these institutions of higher learning because of the role they played in imparting knowledge among Kenyans of the Muslim faith.

Duale said this will save students graduating from Islamic Madrassas expenses of flying to Sudan, Saudi Arabia or any other country to seek university education.

“We want Umma and RAF Universities to be given charters so that all the Muslim students in these university colleges can go to these two universities because it is less expensive for their parents and will create employment for our people,” Duale said.

Shikh Hussein Mahat, addressing the press in Garissa town. He has welcomed calls by majority leader Aden Duale for the government to initiate the process of granting charters to Islamic colleges in the country

“Islamic institutions are coming up with the right curriculum and right teachings of Islam. This is reason enough for the commission to award the institutions charters,” he stated.

A respected religious leader in Garissa town, Sheikh Hussein Mahat welcomed the call saying that it has come at the right time when more and more parents of the Muslim faith prefer to take their children to the Islamic colleges.

Mahat, who once sat in the council of one of the Islamic colleges in Kenya said the process and conditions set by the Commission for University before they award the charters do not favour the Islamic institutions of learning.

“Most of our Islamic colleges offer secular education. The commission seems not to recognize this system, But for us these system forms part of teaching and faith,” he said.

The Muslim cleric asked the commission to relax some of the conditions to ensure all institutions operating in the country can apply and be granted the charters.

“Education is key to the prosperity of this country. Institutions of higher learning should not feel discriminated because of their faith,” he added.