A man charged with possessing 40 rolls of bhang yesterday accused Administration police officers who arrested him of trying to obtain Shs 40, 000 bribe from him in order to have him released.


John Njiiri Kiragu admitted possessing the drug before Kiambu Senior Resident Magistrate Mr. Brian Khaemba but accused the arresting administration police officers of demanding the hefty bribe while warning him he would spend the long Easter weekend in cold police cells.


“When I told them that I can only afford 10,000 shillings, the officers took my money and gave back 10 rolls,” he told the attentive court.


He then produced the bhang that was wrapped in a black polythene paper and when the magistrate asked him why he did so, he said he wanted the same to be kept by the court or the prosecution as he feared that it could be consumed by police officers or other remandees.

“If that happens I will not have strong evidence against the arresting officers,” he said.


The magistrate summoned the arresting officers to appear before the  court and explain their side of the story and also allowed the accused to hand over the 10 rolls of bhang to the prosecution.


“I want to be charged with all my exhibits,” he told the court as he handed over the drugs which were marked and put into his file, separately from the official exhibits which had been booked at the station.