Candidate for Starehe MP Boniface Mwangi concedes defeat to his Jubilee opponent Charles Njagua who took quite an early lead after the elections.

Charles Njagua who is popularly known as Jaguar is a Jubilee Party candidate while Boniface formed the Ukweli Party he decided to vie for the seat.

Thus far Jaguar has 56,635 votes followed by Steve Mbogo of ODM who gathered 34, 959 votes and Boniface Mwangi 14,757.

“The people of Starehe have spoken and I respect their decision,” wrote Boniface on his Facebook page this morning.

Activist Boniface Mwangi launches his Ukweli Party.

Activist Boniface Mwangi conceded defeat

He thanked his campaign team, voters and financial contributors for hoping for a better future for Kenya and trusting him.

“We ran an honest, innovative and revolutionary campaign; we did our best. l am humbled by the love and support l got from all of you,” he added.

Noting further that his campaign reflected that politics can be purely issue-based and that Kenyans want change.

“This gives me hope in our people and our country. It gives me hope that in 2022, matters of tribe and political party allegiance will no longer be a big deal, as long as you run on issues.We get the future we fight for.”

Boniface Mwangi is a rights activist who has run a number of campaigns under #TeamCOURAGE.

He has been locally and internationally recognized for demonstration against issues such as corruption.