The Busia County Assembly has passed the Busia County Budget Estimates for the 2017/2018 Financial Year during a special meeting of the Assembly which was recently dissolved by Speaker Bernard Wamalwa to allow MCAs go for campaigns.

The Assembly approved the Sh6.9 billion budget that constituted Sh5.8 billion as equitable share of revenue raised nationally, Sh366 million as conditional grants and Sh612 million revenue raised by the county government.

The total estimates for the 2017/2018 Financial Year dropped by Sh276 million compared to 2016/2017 Fiscal Year’s Sh7.2 billion. The drop was attributed to the national government’s directive to the Busia county government that devolved unit collects revenue from long distance trucks crossing into Uganda to close the budgetary gap.

A session at the Busia County Assembly. Photo:

According to the estimates, the Health and Sanitation docket will take the lion’s share of the expenditure with an allocation of Sh1.9 billion (26.3 percent). This comprises Sh1.6 billion for recurrent and Sh306 million for capital expenditures.

Finance and ICT will receive Sh1.09 billion while Agriculture and Public Works, Transport, Roads and Energy dockets were allocated Sh560 million and Sh872 million respectively.

The County Assembly was given Sh854 million, Education and Vocational Training (Sh476 million), Lands (Sh261 million), Culture and Sports (Sh157 million), Water (Sh301 million), Trade (Sh159 million) while Public Service Management received Sh130 million.

The Education docket received Sh51 million for constructing ECDE classrooms, Sh14 million disbursed as ECDE support grant and Sh55 million set as County Education Revolving Fund.

The Trade Department on the other hand during the 2017/2018 Financial Year will get Sh30 million as Cooperative Enterprise Fund and Sh3.5 million for constructing the Malaba town market.

The County Assembly also approved Sh20 million for the building the Sidokho bridge, Sh200 million for upgrading county roads to bitumen standards and Sh20 million for erecting major drainage tunnels (bridges and box culverts).

Assembly Budget and Appropriation Committee member Margaret Chale said she was happy with MCAs commitment in debating budget proposals despite their busy campaign schedules.