A Kikuyu court today jailed a butcher man for two years for selling “rotten” meat to his customers.

The accused Benard Kiragu pleaded guilty to three counts of contravening public health offenses before resident magistrate Geoffrey Onsarigo.

Kiragu was arrested on Friday last week by public health officers and security officers after members of the public reported to the officers that the accused was selling “rotten” meat to them.

The prosecution told the court that on receiving information from members of public, the officers went to the Kiragu’s butchery at Gikamburu trading center and on inspection, they recovered rotten meat which he was selling to members of public.

The accused was then arrested and taken to Kikuyu police station, and charged with three counts.

On the first count, the accused admitted selling food without medical certificate, and he was fined 20,000 shillings, and in fault sentenced to six months in jail.

On the second count of selling rotten meat to members of public, the magistrate fined him 20,000 shilling and in default to serve six months in jail.

Kiragu will also pay a fine of 30,000 shillings and in default serve one year imprisonment for the third count of selling food in unsanitary conditions.

The accused said he had no mitigation and was given 14 days to appeal against the sentence.

Cases of selling uninspected meat to members of public have been on rise in Kikuyu Sub County in the recent past with scores of people arrested and charged before the court this year.

A butcher is fined for selling residents rotten meat

The court last month jailed a man for a total of 18 months   after he admitted three counts of transporting donkey meat illegally, deceiving public health officials and selling uninspected meat.

Simon Ngugi Njenga who pleaded guilty to the three counts before the Kikuyu resident magistrate Geoffrey Onsarigo was given a fine option of 70,000 shillings.

The prosecution had told the court that the accused was intercepted by securing officers at Thogoto area along the Thogoto –Karai road, while transporting around 500kgs of donkey meat in a probox car.

Security officers from Kikuyu police station in January this year raided an illegal slaughter house at a home in Nacho village, Kalai division in Kikuyu Sub County and arrested a woman, the owner of the home.

Casual workers found at the illegal slaughter house at her homestead during the raid were arrested.

They were arraigned in court but denied charges of operating unlicensed donkey meat business.

They were released on bond, awaiting hearing of the case.

The security officers recovered donkey meat including 14 heads, indicating a minimum of 14 donkeys had been slaughtered on the day of the raid.

“Although trading in donkey meat has been legalized in the county, a trader must obtain business license, have the meat inspected and slaughtering should also be done at an hygienic environment, probably in a government slaughter house”, the Kikuyu sub county deputy county commissioner, Paul Famba told Tupo.