The Naivasha sub-county cholera emergency team has been put on standby to deal with reported case in the area following the recent cholera outbreak in Nairobi County.

The decision was arrived at after it emerged the transit town had in the past been hit by the disease after other neighboring areas were affected in addition to floods occasioned by the heavy rains being witnessed in most parts of the country.

Area sub-county administrator, Julius Nyaata said the county government had put in place measures to immediately deal with the outbreak which in the past had left scores dead following contamination of water wells in sprawling Kihoto and Karagita slums.

Emergency cholera team in Naivasha to investigate whether the virus has already spread in the area

He also noted that in the past, Naivasha had been hit by the disease whenever there was a cholera outbreak in Western Kenya or Nairobi adding that the recent reported case of the disease in Nairobi cannot be wished away.

“Naivasha is a transit town and we are working with our colleagues from the department of public health so that we can deal with any outbreak,” he said.

Nyaata said in Kihoto estate, shallow water wells get contaminated with raw sewerage whenever it flooded, adding that the county government has embarked on the process of treating all the wells in the estate to ensure safe and clean water for the residents.

Last year, more than 10 people died at Kihoto estate following an outbreak of cholera after the water sources were contaminated with raw sewerage following heavy flooding.