Candidates seeking political seats in Embu County have raised concern over the defacing of their campaign posters and billboards by their opponents.

They said some politicians were paying youths to destroy posters and they were incurring losses replacing them.

Led by Embu Senator Lenny Kivuti, the candidates said the hooliganism was perpetrated at night and called on security personnel to be on high alert to arrest those found vandalizing the campaign materials. They said it was expensive to produce campaign material and destroying them denied the electorate the chance to distinguish the candidates to be able to make informed choices in the August elections.

Kivuti who is seeking the Embu Gubernatorial seat on a Maendeleo Chap Chap party said candidates were free to put up their campaign posters and billboards at any location in the county and no one should be allowed to destroy them. He appealed to the youth to shun politicians who use them to deface posters of other politicians.

Embu Senator Lenny Kivuti (left) has said that politicians should stop using rivals to deface their opponents political posters

“Destruction of posters signifies fear of your opponents. You should give the electorate the chance to know the candidates so that they can make informed choices when voting,” he said during a rally at Kiritiri market in Mbeere South Sub County yesterday.

His sentiments were echoed by Woman Representative Rose Mitaru, who is set to defend her seat as an independent candidate. Mitaru said it was imprudent for politicians to use underhand means to win by denying their opponents votes through destroying their campaign posters.

“We need to sell our policies in a mature manner. These underhand methods by some of us to clinch power is a recipe for chaos and should be discouraged by all,” she said.