Lack of strategically placed street lights in Eldoret town and its sub-areas has been blamed for the rising insecurity cases in the region.

Leaders from the region have raised concerns over the issue noting that it has affected the economy and are now calling upon the County Government of Uasin Gishu to address the issue.

‘‘The County Government is on the look for installation of street lights with the aim of providing a serene business environment, which is secure, where residents leaving in the peri-urban centers can do business comfortably with no fear until midnight,” said Joseph Korir, Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Ziwa.

He continued, ‘‘due to insecurity cases in the peri-urban centres in our County, many people close their business at 6.00pm, which is a big blow to the business community.’’

Among the areas which are prone to insecurity in Uasin Gishu County include Cherunya, Moiben and Ziwa.

“You cannot secure a boda boda to your place at night in these areas since boda boda operators leave the roads early in fear of being robbed,” he added.

Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Soy, Nicholas Tallam pointed out that close monitoring of the street lights should be conducted in rural areas to avoid any damages.

‘’We want proper movement during the night, proper installation of light…; for those people in the rural area to enjoy as the tax payers they also need this services. Close monitoring to be done to cross check these lights in rural area,’’ said Tallam.

Ziwa MCA ‘‘If someone comes from Nairobi can’t reach their resident, can’t find a boda boda, like Ziwa and Sirikwa very busy centers but very dark, so dark, lets support the speech by the governor’’ Said, Joseph Korir MCA for Ziwa while he was  strongly raising a concern on the motion on the  installation of this street lights

In remedy of this hazard of insecurity, brought by this streets facing one side, should be kept into consideration and acted in its rescue, in order to enhance a 24 hour economic, which will enhance the economy of this County, “ these street lights should face both side of the road in Moiben, the last mile connectivity should be incorporated in pre-urban areas for the boost of light and provision of security on those areas.’’ CCTV cameras will be installed for easy arrest of criminal cases.

A peri-urban center like Ngeria junction in one of the peri-urban centers in Uasin Gishu was on board, where concerns were raised that the street lights are not strategically placed, and the House urged that, before the installation of any street lights, consultations should be made to the local business community on what they feel on the placement of these lights to enhance and boost their effectiveness in the favor of their businesses.

Finally, concerns  were raised, on the inconsistency services offered by KPLC on power, energy circulation, the issue of lights going off, the House urged the County government to have some other alternative sources for light and power generation within the CBD,not only to depend on KPLC.