An old woman has been allegedly accused by her daughter of being a witch in Chavakali, Vihiga County.

According to the daughter, her mother causes many accidents along Chavakali junction. She had so many photos of people who have died and those she intended to bewitch.


Unfortunately, the woman was tied on the tree before being beaten for her sinful actions.

Kenyans on social media-facebook expressed their concerns over the incident;

Primrose Lila: This is so wrong! Such a case should be handled by the village elders not a bunch of young fellows beating an old woman. We all sin and God does not treat us this way, who are we to treat another human being in such a manner? She should be taken to pastors to be prayed for and repent, not murdered. God shows us mercy and it is our duty to show mercy to others as well.

Rachael Collins: “If u r clean throw the first stone.”

Kevin Omondi: Not good let her repent and seek God’s forgiveness coz we all sin in different way.

Femi Euphy: Do not judge.Its end time na ndo maana ukweli umejulikana….so bad hata kama ni mchawi…this guy lifting his hand and hitting her your days on earth are numbered take care…you neither is clean. Let shosh repent.