Funyula MP and Busia gubernatorial aspirant Paul Otuoma has told ODM party leader Raila Odinga to crack the whip and discipline corrupt senior ODM members.

Otuoma said unless ODM gets rid of the corrupt party members, the Orange party will continue being held hostage and may not achieve much.

He recently quit the party claiming ODM officials who he did not name rigged him out during the Busia ODM party primaries.

During the nominations, Governor Sospeter Ojaamong defeated him with 92,358 votes.

Otuoma garnered 63,752 votes but contested the poll outcome claiming there was massive vote rigging in Ojaamong’s favour in the sub counties of Teso North and Teso South.

His supporters after the results’ declaration demonstrated along the streets of Busia town demanding the lawmaker be given the nomination certificate.

Funyula MP, Paul Otuoma asks Raila to handle the rogue people in the ODM party

Funyula MP, Paul Otuoma asks Raila to handle the rogue people in the ODM party

ODM Elections Board chairperson Judith Pareno canceled the election results in the two sub counties and called for a fresh poll in the electoral zones.

Otuoma, however, rejected Pareno’s directive claiming he won the election and should be presented with the nomination certificate.

“The party has been taken over by corrupt officials,” he said during an interview at a local radio station on Wednesday.

“They are the people who have spoilt ODM. There work is to collect money from aspirants and sell certificates. Unless the party top leaders do something, ODM will not go far.”

He will challenge Ojaamong during the August election on an independent ticket.

He has expressed confidence he will win the poll and become Busia County’s second governor.