Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has cautioned locals of being duped into buying shares for a piece of land belonging to the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) next to the proposed Konza city.

In a press briefing  after a meeting with ILRI Director General Jimmy Smith and County Security bosses in his office yesterday, Mutua  said that unsuspecting buyers had been conned up to  over Sh50 million.

He said there was a court order restraining people from interfering with the ranch in any way and asked the police to enforce the order.

“No one should purchase or try to sell Kapiti land because that land does not belong to anyone else but IRLI, “said Mutua.

Governor Mutua blamed Mavoko MP Patrick Makau for being involved in the land invasion. He said the same group of people was involved in Syokimau and Portland land sale saga.

He spoke a day after the Mavoko MP addressed locals at the site and assured that he will help them acquire the 32,000 piece of land.

The MP who was accompanied by three members of County Assembly from his constituency addressed a crowd of about 3000 people in the land on Saturday.

Makau said the land should be allocated to locals to develop it as a residential area for the Konza Techno city.

He said the allocation would address historical land injustices as the land originally belonged to the locals.

Makau asked Machakos governor Alfred Mutua to join the quest and ensure the land reverted to the locals.

Makonza society Chairman Shadrack Muli and his Konza South society counterpart Harrison Ngui said that the locals had not benefited from the research conducted in that piece of land.

Yesterday, ILRI Director Jimmy Smith said the activities of the invaders had affected ongoing research work.

He said IRLI had purchased the land in 1987 and that the research benefited not only Kenya but also other countries in Africa.

“Right now there are vaccine trials on Rift valley fever, foot and mouth disease that are supposed to be going on but because of the encroachment and obstruction that is happening, this work cannot go on, “said Smith.