The public was treated to a nerve wrecking drama when a member of the Siaya county assembly pounced on a mad man who had smashed his car’s rear windscreen.

The drama, outside the Siaya county assembly grounds saw the mentally deranged youngster receive kicks and blows from the South Uyoma MCA, Apiyo Apiyo and his youths as he tried to resist being bundled into the boot of the car he had damaged.

The episode started when the MCA, who had earlier parked his Mercedes Benz car at an open ground opposite the county assembly, was going for lunch after the day’s sittings.

Apiyo, on coming out of the assembly gate, stopped to chat with acquaintances besides his saloon car which was close to where the insane man was relaxing under a tree.

Mad man beaten by Siaya county MCA, Apiyo Apiyo for smashing windscreen

As they engaged in hearty talk, the man quietly stood up, picked a stone and walked to the Mercedes Benz and smashed the rear wind shield before resuming his sitting position as if nothing had happened.

The MCA and his team, which included several county assembly employees, were taken aback by the action, pouncing on the man who was now busy with his own world.

“Ma to da. Kata ka ijaneko to nyaka wateri ka polis. Dakito atoya okiyo mar gacha mi waweyi kamano” (No on this. Even if you are insane, we have to take you to the police. You cannot smash my vehicle’s windscreen and go scot- free) retorted the MCA as he instructed the youths to bundle the man into the boot of his car.

Struggle ensued as the man, who throughout the episode did not utter a word, put up a spirited fight to defend himself.

He was however overpowered and locked in the boot before Mr. Apiyo sped off towards the Siaya police station in company of the youths.

Police said the man was handed over to them, adding that they were thinking on what to do.

Last year, the man who rarely utters a word slapped a journalist who was walking with her colleagues along the same street, leaving the scribes and other members of the public perplexed.

The journalist was left nursing a painful cheek as her colleagues pleaded that she forgives him because of the mental condition.

The number of mentally ill people roaming the Siaya town streets has been on the rise, despite the existence of a public health facility to serve patients in similar condition.