The country is losing hundreds of man hours and millions of shillings every week due to the perennial traffic jams along the Mai Mahiu-Limuru road.

Drivers using the road are now calling for urgent solutions to the weekly crisis which has left them incurring huge loses.

This came as motorists using the road were for the umpteenth time stranded for three hours along the section of the road.

During the latest incident, a private company was towing a truck that had been involved in an accident early in the week leading to the snarl-up.

Addressing the press in Mai Mahiu town, the drivers termed the road as a disaster in waiting noting that many dreaded passing through the route.

According to their leader Ali Abdallah, many feared using the road due to the constant jams adding that unlike other routes one could not seek alternatives routes.

He told of their concern as they continued to lose hours on the road meaning a crisis for the transport companies that had to deliver goods to neighboring countries on time.

“As per the law we cannot use the main Nairobi-Nakuru highway meaning all heavy trailers have to be diverted to this road which is nowadays a nuisance,” he said.

The sentiments were echoed by another driver Mike Wambugu who said that the only solution lay in expanding the road.

Wambugu who has been caught up in three jams on section of the road noted that the issue was worsened by impatient drivers who decided to overlap.

“Sometime the problem is minor but overlapping by my fellow drivers has worsened the situation leading to a snarl-up that at times lasts for five hours,” he said.

Mai Mahiu OCS Ezra Sambu confirmed the latest incident noting that it took the private company over an hour to tow away the wreck.

“By the time the truck had been towed already there was a major jam caused mainly by overlapping drivers which is nowadays the norm,” he said.