Siaya senator, James Orengo has called on voters in the county to reject leaders who use their positions to plunder public resources at the detriment of service delivery.

Launching his bid to recapture Siaya senatorial seat in Ugunja town, Orengo told voters to reject people who use devolution to enrich themselves by turning the governance system as cash cow.

He was speaking at Kolalo grounds in Ugunja Township, Siaya County during an impromptu political meeting, accompanied by Ugunja Member of Parliament, Opiyo Wandayi.

Siaya senator, James Orengo addressing a political rally at Kolalo grounds in Ugunja town

Orengo, who had held the public in suspense over the elective seat he was to vie for in Siaya county, called on the voters to reject any candidate who had turned devolution into a business enterprise.

“There are those who boast that we brought devolution for people to grab and eat. Reject such leaders and anybody who has in the past, used his position to enrich himself at the expense of the public,” he said.

Orengo announced his intention to retain his senate seat, saying that he had been busy crafting the National super alliance (NASA) line-up, hence his late announcement.

The senator called on Siaya county residents to make an informed choice over who would be their governor during the next general elections, but warned against entrusting the position to greedy and selfish individuals.

“What I know is that a son of Siaya will be the governor, no matter which part of the county he or she will come from. However, I implore you not to elect a person who will turn the county resources into personal property” he said.

Senator Orengo addressing the rally in company of Ugunja member of parliament, Opiyo Wandayi. He called on voters to reject corrupt leaders.

Orengo urged the Siaya electorate to vote in self less and corrupt free leaders, adding that the future of the county would depend on the type of leadership they will choose in the next general elections.

“There is a song that Raila has brought devolution and people were grabbing resources. Let us not support this. Such leaders who use their positions to trade with the county government must be rejected as they make the public not to benefit from the struggle that we have been yearning for,” he said.

On national politics, the senator assured opposition supporters that the National Super Alliance top leadership will face Jubilee as a united formidable force.

He said they were determined to floor president Uhuru Kenyatta in the August eighth polls but warned that any attempt to rig the result will have serious repercussions.

“No force can stop Kenya from not having a NASA president,” he said adding that the chaos witnessed in Jubilee strong holds during the party primaries Friday was a sign of confusion in the ruling alliance.

Orengo called on the police and other security apparatus to exercise impartiality in the discharge of their duties and not to favour one side of the political divide.