The basis of every solid relationship between two partners often lies in how they carry out various activities including their sex life.

A relationship with straining sexual habits often ends up breaking from infidelity and other factors. While many people brush off the subject of sex education, those who appreciate it learn a few things that go a long way in making things better.

Intimacy between couples is determined by many factors from saving time for each other and knowing one’s partner’s wants to making sure one’s partner is well aroused for the act.

There are many erogenous regions of the human body that people forget to include during fireplay, which then leads to unsatisfactory intimacy. These pats are often left out since many people do not view them as sex-related.

Knowing them, however, could guarantee better intimacy and therefore a healthy relationship.

The brain

What many people fail to know is that the brain is the part of their partner’s body they should try out first. The brain is responsible for connecting senses to the rest of the body. For a partner to get into psych for lovemaking, their brain has to warm up to the idea. If it doesn’t, the partner will take part without ‘being present’.


Due to the high number of sensory receptors on the skin, ears are placed among the important parts of the body during intimate times. Touching the ears of your partner may be a complete turn-on for them.


The nape and the back of the neck are known to have great sensitivity to low-frequency vibration which often makes them a must touch point, especially for women. Gently touching your partner’s neck will warm them up for action.

Mouth and lips

Surveys done in the past have shown that kissing one’s partner as both a relationship builder and sexual arousal factor. This is because most people find kissing a bond stronger that penetration itself.

Lower back

Men, in particular, find a slow massage on their lower back very arousing. This is because the act sends small vibrations to their lower self where it plays the magic. Doing this to your partner with their favourite massage oil guarantees a precious time ahead.

The feet

The inside and outside of the ankles are very sensitive sp[ot due to the many nerves endings they have. Those nerves are responsible for reacting to touch in other erogenous areas of the body. Gently playing with your partner’s feet can lead to a very fulfilling session.