Nairobi woman representative Esther Passaris says no amount of persuasion will make her change mind and vote for any presidential candidate other than NASA leader Raila Odinga.

Passaris joined ODM early 2017 after accusing Jubilee of favouring her opponents shortly before Jubilee Party nominations.

Nairobi woman representative Esther Passaris and Raila Odinga.

She was among Nairobi leaders who robustly campaigned for Raila ahead of the August 8 general election.

She has given ten reasons why she will vote for the former prime minister during the October 26 repeat presidential poll.

Below are the reasons;

  1. Raila will bring equality to the marginalised and enhance devolution.
  1. He will enhance devolution to unimaginable heights where marginalisation will cease to exist.
  1. Raila is a man of integrity with interests of Kenyans at heart. Always doing things the right way and has respect for the rule of law.
  1. The former premier will make Kenya a nation for all Kenyans.
  2. He can make a strong president. His actions definitely are not a product of impartial decisions.
  1. He is always transparent and defends interests of ordinary Kenyans—true citizen of our country.
  1. Raila has for long fought for democracy alongside other reformists.
  1. The former Langata MP cares for the economy, he will do away with negative ethnicity.
  1. He wields the mantle of democracy. He is a pan-Africanist.
  1. Raila Odinga will motive Kenyans and make everyone smile after a longtime of gloom.