Veterinary Officers undertaking the on-going Foot and Mouth and Lumpy Skin disease vaccination campaign in Busia County have raised concerns that the vaccines are running out with four days to the end of the exercise.

Veterinary Officer in charge of Teso South sub county Dr Polycarp Kundumbule said they might not meet their target of vaccinating 15,000 animals if vaccines are not restocked.


Veterinary Officer William Okumu undertaking the vaccination work at Kemodo Market in Teso South on Thursday.

By close of Wednesday, over 4,800 animals had been vaccinated in 12 centres of Teso South with Amairo registering the largest number of 958 animals and Amerikwai registering the least at 74. Kemodo is expected to lead as the number had reached 1,070 by 3pm on Thursday.

Dr Kundumbule dispelled rumors that farmers were being charged for doses administered to animals, adding that the exercise is free.

He said the quarantine that was imposed a month ago still stands, adding that it can be lifted 28 days to the end of the vaccination exercise when no new cases break out.

Busia County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture and Animal Resources Dr Moses Osia said only Sh3 million was released against the projected Sh18 million needed to inject over 200,000 animals that are at risk of conducting the two contagious diseases.

“We are hoping to get more funds to complete the exercise,” he said.

A farmer from Bukhayo West, Wilbroda Adongo said her exotic animals are unable to travel long distances and appealed to County Livestock Department to avail vaccines to their homes to save their animals.

Another farmer Joseph Owinga from Ochude village appealed to the County Government to carry out the vaccination exercise regularly instead of waiting for an outbreak to act.

Busia Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi launched the exercise on Monday at Mundika Dispensary.