Kanjuku residents in Gatundu North Sub County of Kiambu County have now vowed to use witchcraft to tame those involved in the skyrocketing wave of criminal activities in the area since police have exhibited a lot of laxity and non chalancy.

The move by the angry residents has been provoked by a series of crimes being committed by marauding thugs who have been terrorizing them with impunity with the police turning a deaf ear, blind eye and looking the other way.

The recent incident occurred last Sunday night where  5 thugs armed with dangerous weapons including firearms raided business premises at Kanjuku Centre and conducted a series of robberies.

Yesterday, Monicah Wanjiru, a bar lady said that the robbers broke into Kariminu bar and restaurant, a movie shop and a gas cylinder premise getting away with 14 gas cylinders, Ksh 20,000 from an Mpesa shop, five containers of alcohol, a generator, Ksh 4,000, four Keg pumps, 48’’ TV and a DVD all of unknown value. She said after the over 1 hour robbery operation the thugs made away with their loot using a probox and a pick up which had no number plates.

“The thugs invaded the shops and stole goods of unknown amount. We reported the matter to Kamwangi police station where we got a cold reception. Instead of getting assistance the officers at the report desk asked us whether the incident was unique. The officers rudely asked us whether we are the first ones to be robbed,” said a bitter Wanjiru. She said it took the police 16 hours to arrive at the scene of crime. There are fears that the police might be colluding with criminals.

Now the residents want police officers at Kamwangi Police Station transferred immediately and replaced accordingly. “We want fresh officers ready to serve us,” they said.

‘We have been paying business permit fees to the County Government of Kiambu but our security is yet to be guaranteed. We demand immediate replacement of Kamwangi police officers with new ones who will serve us with diligently. The same officers who refused to rescue us on that night, inhumanly beat a Kanjuku resident recently,’ said Joel Mwangi, a gas cylinders business owner.

The furious locals have now vowed to use witchcraft as an alternative in their bid to tame criminals in the area since police have failed to restore law and order. They gave a one day ultimatum for the return of stolen goods lest they bewitch the robbers.

‘We are giving these criminals until tomorrow to return the stolen items failure to which we shall bewitch them and they will start feeding on grass like Nebuchadnezzar,” said Martha Wangeci, a business woman in the area. She said they would nolonger toil doing business only for lazy crooks coming to take what they had earned the hard way. Efforts to reach Gatundu North OCPD were futile. However, a police source at Kamwangi Police Station said there were a few police officers in the area who could not man every centre. “Residents should through community policing employ vigilant groups to supplement police efforts,” the source told our reporter.