Martin Kamotho,  also known as Githeri man,  has been showered with gifts by Kenyans after comically uniting the country in this tense electoral period.
Githeriman was spotted while in line to vote eating Githeri from a small paper bag. The resulting photo was transformed into a series of memes that united Kenyans over much needed comic relief.
The phenomenon sparked a githeriman challenge where social media users would pose with a bag of Githeri in public. The images were used in promoting peace and laughter.
So far Kamotho has been gifted with a Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone and his wife as well. His daughter received a Tecno Canon.
His daughter has reportedly been paid for school fees.

Martin Kamotho aka Githeriman

Kamotho’s family has also been awarded with a plot of land in Karen and a wardrobe overhaul.
Bonfire Travels has gifted him an all expenses paid trip.
In the search to find him, Daniel Ndambuki of Churchill show had said he wanted to host him on his show.