The national government has distributed relief food to famine stricken families in Saku constituency as it up scaled efforts to mitigate ravaging drought in Marsabit County.

Marsabit Central deputy commissioner Mr. Joseph Nyakwara said that the government was committed to saving lives and assured those affected by drought of continued assistance.

Nyakwara said residents in eleven locations in the sub-county who are in need of food aid will receive rice, cooking oil, beans and unimix.

Relief food provided in Saku

Marsabit Central DCC Jospeh Nyakwara. He directed relief distribution committees at the locations to ensure that there is fairness in sharing of rations to the needy.

The relief food included 500 bags of rice, 50 cartons of cooking oil, 100 bales of unimix for expectant and lactating mothers and 200 bags of beans. The DCC asked relief distribution committees at the locations to distribute the food fairly in order to ensure that no deserving cases missed out.

The national government and that of county have teamed up in managing the crisis which has so far left up to 70 per cent of livestock in the county dead.

Saku receives relief food

A manyatta in Saku. The bare foreground with no single livestock on sight is a testimony of the effect of the ravaging drought. (KNA)

Prolonged drought owing to rain failure has left about 200,000 pastoralists of Marsabit County food insecure.

Twenty three counties across the country are affected by drought, with Marsabit having been classified as one of the worst hit with water sources having dried up while pasture has been depleted.