A nutritionist at Kiambu Level 4 hospital has advised residents to consume green onions either raw in salad or cooked as they helped in boosting immunity.

Ms Grace Kahaki said that green onions, also known as scallions or spring onions, were rich in vitamins C and K which were crucial for growth and maintenance of strong bones.

“If your diet lacks these vitamins, you are more likely to develop osteoporosis or suffer from bone fractures,” she cautioned.

She further noted that these onions helped in enhancing healthy vision as they contained vitamin A which improved eyesight especially at night.

“People whose diets do not contain vitamin A were likely to develop night blindness and other vision disorders, including corneal ulcers,” she pointed out.

Nutritionist gives health benefits of spring onions

Ms Kahaki explained that since spring onions were low in calories and they contained healthy carbohydrates and dietary fiber, they were essential in providing energy and promoting good digestion respectively.

She explained that the vitamin C and A found in green onions helped in preventing tissue damage and decreased the risk of heart diseases. Vitamin C may also help prevent high blood pressure, she noted.

The nutritionist pointed out that though the onion gas released lead one to tears when chopping, they contained good herbs which improved one’s immunity hence one becomes more resistant to diseases, adding that they may also help in preventing cancer.

She noted that in most cases, green onions were used in garnishing to enhance food appeal and to add flavor.

Kahaki noted that fresh green onions were readily available in the market adding many people feared that freshly uprooted onions would make their houses dirty.

Ms Kahaki advised residents to wash and rinse the onions with clean water before using them.