Betting firm, Green Sports Africa, has been ordered to pay a fine of 1.5m for using photos of two children in an advertisement.

High Court Judge John Mativo ordered the firm to pay sh 750,000 to each child for using their images on billboards without getting the parents’ consent.

Green Sports Africa betting firm sued for using images of children on billboards without consent

The company had offered sh10,000 to each child for the billboard located in Westlands.

“It is illegal to use minors or the images of minors to promote gambling; hence the erection of the billboards is illegal. No payment was made for the said advertisement,” the parents argued.

In its defense, the betting company stated that parents and the children were aware that the photographs were taken, and that the company always seeks approval from parents for taking such photos. It also added that they are not out to get profit from the use of the images but to promote sports in Africa.

The judge ruled that the use of the images violated the rights and freedoms of the minors and that there was nothing to show that the company sought and obtained the consent of the parents or guardians.

Green Sports Africa was also ordered to pay the costs of the case.