The Masheesha hit group, H-Art the band were on Wednesday involved in a serious road accident.

The accident was so bad that it left the bumper of their probox damaged.

The group went ahead to post a photo of the damaged car.

The trio went ahead to write this on their social media page.

“Truly, God is our Healer & Our Protector. This morning we got into a grisly accident & we Thank the Lord that none of us got seriously injured but one thing for sure is, for that split second just as we thought it was our last God rescued us & reminded us that truly, if the Lord is With You then nothing can harm you. We maybe in pain but don’t worry, we are OK *sisi ni maninja, we will survive*. Thank you all who put us in your Prayers Daily they keeps us going through our day., may the Lord Bless you.”

This is the second time the group is getting involved in an accident. All that we pray is that it does not happen a third time.