Herders who have migrated to the Samburu, Laikipia and Baringo border in search of pasture have been urged to maintain peace.

The herders mostly from Samburu East have migrated to the pasture rich Angata Lerai grazing fields in Samburu central constituency which borders Laikipia and Baringo counties to escape ravages of drought hitting the eastern part of the county.

Speaking on Tuesday during a proactive peace meeting between elders, political leaders and Samburu morans to avoid possible conflict, the elders urged the migrating herders to maintain peace in the area.

Charles Lesipayo a resident of Angata Lerai noted that the grazing field is volatile since it attracts herders from Baringo and Laikipia and Samburu east.

He noted that six years ago, the area was a battle field between the Samburu and the pokots due to perennial cattle rustling and pasture conflicts.

Lesipaiyo noted that it took efforts of elders and a peace caravan to end the conflict between the two communities.

Samuel Lokurum said that elders from Samburu and pokot communities agreed to end the conflict on condition that they obey grazing boundaries and not to steal cattle from each other.

“We have noted that herders from east are a security threat to both communities and this meeting is to tell them to obey the set down rules to avoid conflict with our Pokot brothers.” if they think its businesses as usual and steal cattle from the Pokots, the peace we have enjoyed for years will be broken and retaliation attacks will affect us.” He added.

Samburu west MP Naisula Lesuuda said that over 8,000 herders from Samburu east are currently in Angata Lerai grazing fields and can cause a security breach if not properly informed on peace initiatives put in place in the area.

Lesuuda said that peace is important in the development of an area adding that there is no need of bloodshed to start calling for peace.

The meeting was also attended by Samburu woman representative Maison Leshoomo.