Local leaders along Turkana, pokot North and uganda have raised their concerns on the taints of animal theft which threatens the peace in the region. In a community dialogue meeting held today in Lorengippi of LOIMA subcounty, which was moderated by the provincial administration of Kenya and Uganda,  they blamed the governments of the two countries for poor coordinated approach to tackle the menace.
Koikoi Lomurkai,a clan leader from Jie in Uganda said in several occasions the local leaders have strived to implement the resolutions that are passed during dialogue meetings, but face challenges when it reaches to the hands of the government.
“In many occasions most of these criminals have been arrested by our vigilant officers,but they end up being released by the police and this is threatening the peace in this region.  We want these criminals to be handed stern punishment so that we don’t go back to the activities we used to experience the past where people were spending sleepless nights guarding for their animals” he noted.
He said this vise will come down if the colonial rule will be applied to punish these culprits.
Edukon Lorette leader of the Kenyan elders in the dialogue, expressed his worries of the tension that is invading Kotaruk in Loima sub county, about the regrouping of the militia from their neighbours to go and attack the area.
He urged the stakeholders to stick to the resolutions and make sure they are implemented.
This statement was echoed by Resident District Commissioner Moroto PeterKen Lochap, who insisted that peace in any region is always very expensive and that all the stakeholders involved should be focussed when it comes to implementation.
He said the administration of Japan has accepted that it shoud be sharing their resources with the Turkana people who have crossed over in search of pasture and water.
“We decided that we cannot chase the Turkana back because of the risk that can be experienced when their animals die.  These are people who depend on a cow, if they will lose it,  even the remain in our land will be at a risk of being stolen” he said.
The dialogue which was facilitated by Danish Demining Group, sow the leaders unanimasly agree that there should be built a monument in the border of West Pokot, Turkana and the Karamoja in Uganda where the three communities should come together and bury the weapon and cement it like the one inLokiriama in the same sub county that was done more than 40yeats ago.