Independent candidates in Meru County have promised other contestants in political parties a grueling political battle in the forthcoming August 8 general elections.

The team of about 100 aspirants said Kenyan politics had changed and politicians shall be voted based on their agenda, ideologies and not parties as it has happened before.

Speaking to the press at a hotel in Meru Town on Tuesday, where they congregated to draw road maps on how to win in the general elections, the aspirants declared that the country was not a party state and independent candidates shall provide servant leadership at the county, national and senate level.

Led by their interim chairperson, James Mithika who shall be contesting the Igembe Parliamentary seat coordinator, Anderson Kathendu and secretary general, Gideon Kimathi (Meru County Assembly Deputy Speaker), the aspirants blamed their exit from political parties on the ‘unfair’ party primaries in which majority of them were rigged out.

Independent Candidates from Meru County led by James Mithika (centre), their coordinator Anderson Kathendu (right) and Secretary General who is also Meru Deputy Speaker Gideon Kimathi speaking to the press at a Meru hotel.They vowed to give nominated candidates a run for their money in the August 8 general elections. Photo by Richard Muhambe/KNA.

“We have come together as a movement to ensure the interests of voters are respected,” said Kathendu who will be vying for the senatorial seat.

He warned contestants riding on parties that the script has changed since the current voter was better informed on matters of politics.

The aspirants have called on other independent candidates across the country to join hands in ensuring they won majority seats at both legislative levels in the general elections.

Kathendu added that they shall advocate for change of laws once they got to Parliament so that independent candidates were given their due respect as spelled out in the constitution.

The contestants have vowed to mobilise resources and support their own to emerge victorious in the polls.

They, however, said they were still soul searching and shall work with candidates in parties that have the interests of the common mwananchi at heart.