All security measures recently introduced outside a key Jerusalem holy site, sparking Palestinian uproar, have been removed, Israeli police say.

Palestinian religious leaders said worshippers should now end a boycott of the sacred compound.

Railings and scaffolding were removed on Thursday morning, two days after metal detectors were taken away.

The crisis erupted after the killing nearby of two Israeli policemen by Israeli Arabs nearly two weeks ago.

Israel has said it will introduce less obtrusive security measures over the next six months.

There have been near-daily clashes between Israeli security forces and protesters since the metal detectors were introduced in the wake of the killings of the policemen on 14 July near the site known to Jews as the Temple Mount and Muslims as Haram al-Sharif.

Four Palestinians were killed and three Israeli civilians stabbed to death by a Palestinian who said he was avenging Israel actions at the site.

Israel said the security measures were necessary because the weapons used to kill the police had been smuggled on to the holy site. Palestinians fiercely objected to the apparatus, seeing it as an Israeli attempt to exert control over the contested complex.

Source: BBC