Nyali MP Aspirant Mohamed Ali (Moha) has told youth who involuntarily dropped out of school not to worry.

Moha on Monday said if elected MP, all youth within the school going age will be registered and taken back to class.

He said youth constitute majority of Nyali’s population yet over 50 per cent were unemployed and are engaging in drug abuse.

“Statistically, over 60 per cent of voters are youth but ironically, 60 per cent of them are jobless,” he said when he campaigned in Shelemba, Barsheba, Barakarani, Qadiriya and Mwandoni areas of Freretown.

“The key decision making block suffers most. I challenge them to make informed decisions while electing leaders.”

He said he joined politics because he wanted to change the lives of youth for the better.

Mohamed Ali (2ND R) when he toured Freretown on Monday.

I am coming into politics because of our youth. To those affected by drugs, we will bring justice to you by rehabilitating you and dealing with all drug dealers,” Moha said.

“To the uneducated and those willing to go back to school, I will take you back. Those not willing will be equipped with technical skills and given jobs.”

He said youth with good academic certificates will be will be given work through lobbying in government and other organisations.

“My office will be open for your CVs. I will compel companies within our jurisdiction to hire you. We will ensure all youth groups are registered as companies,” he said.