Investigative journalist Dennis Okari, who is currently in the biblical land of Israel, has taken some time to meet representatives from the county’s foreign affairs office.

He took to his social media page to share his experience in the land of Jews.

 ‘’Excited to meet representatives from the foreign affairs division before heading out to the Old city. #israeltour #theholylandexperience#theholyland.’’ he posted.

Killing two birds with one stone he took the opportunity to visit the holy sites including the Wailing Wall where he “presented his petition before God and Calvary.”

‘’Standing where they crucified my savior Jesus Christ. I can’t even describe the feeling of being here. I just said thank you.’’ He posted.

He now joins the likes of NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga who also visited the historic wall early this year in May.

Not one to stop any time soon, Okari was in Turkey last month where he participated in a special Turkish special forces survival training in war journalism.

Dennis Okari is a decorated and respected journalist having served in the media for many years.