Rivalry between Jubilee and independent candidates in Mount Kenya region may cost President Uhuru Kenyatta’s votes if not checked.

A section of legislators allied to a political outfit dubbed ‘Uhuruto Express’ have expressed concern over the rivalry between the two camps saying supporters of independent candidates may not vote thus reducing the number of presidential votes.

The leaders who drummed up support for re-election of President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto in parts of Murang’a on Sunday noted that the Jubilee Presidential candidate needed all votes from the region to enable him win in first round.

The MPs, majority of whom lost in Jubilee nominations castigated some Jubilee candidates for branding independent candidates as members of the opposition.

Led by Subukia MP  Nelson Gaichuhie who stood up for the group’s chairperson, Jamleck Kamau, the legislators said competition for senate, governor, MP and MCA positions should not be allowed to affect negatively President Kenyatta’s votes.

Subukia MP Nelson Gaichuhie says Mount Kenya region is the stronghold of President Kenyatta stating committed to mobilize all voters from this area to vote for him.

“Our group is working with all candidates from the region to ensure President Kenyatta gets all votes come august 8. Mount Kenya region is the stronghold of President Kenyatta and we are committed to mobilize all voters from this area to vote for him,” said the MP.

Jubilee, Independent, and other candidates from parties which support re-election of Kenyatta, Gaichuhie noted, should encourage their supporters to come out in large numbers and vote for Kenyatta.

He added, “The Jubilee strongholds have votes that can make a one million vote difference between Jubilee and NASA and the reality is now dawning on the opposition chiefs.”

His sentiments were echoed by Gichugu MP Njogu Barua who said every candidate has supporters and the move of trying to sideline any candidate who is supporting the president, may make some people not to vote.

Barua said majority of independent candidates from the region were supporting re-election of Kenyatta and thus Jubilee candidates should shun from issuing sentiments which may cause voter apathy.

Meanwhile, the legislators lashed out at NASA coalition for trying to block printing of ballot papers.

Gaichuhie noted that the opposition’s illusion that their supporters identity cards are on sale is desperate and a clear sign that NASA was sensing defeat.

They stressed that the election must go on as slated saying the opposition using all manner of tricks to delay national elections.

Ruiru MP Esther Gathogo blamed the opposition leader Raila Odinga for trying to interfere with the operations of IEBC by filing unnecessary cases in courts.

“I want to tell Raila that even if the ballot papers are printed in his house, he will be defeated by Jubilee presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta on august 8,” said Gathogo.

She urged Murang’a residents to come out in large numbers and re-elect the president on August 8 lauding the development record of his administration.