Protestations by Hon. Aden Duale and some elements in the National Assembly over the nomination of Hon. Judy Pareno to EALA must be ignored. It’s inconceivable that Jubilee would dictate who ODM should nominate to this critical regional assembly. This would amount to flagrant abuse of the very tenets of democracy that underpin the conception and the workings of EALA.

We must also caution those disgruntled former and current members of ODM to be cautious lest they, inadvertently, aid Jubilee in furthering its nascist agenda and, in particular, extending its exclusionist policy to the regional arena.

ODM secretary for political affairs, Opiyo Wandayi

It must be noted that Hon. Pareno’s own credentials more than surpass the requirements to represent Kenya in EALA. As a woman lawyer, she has had an impeccable record in the legal profession. Moreover, she’s the only nominee from the Maa community; a community that has suffered untold marginalization under successive regimes since independence.

We can not reduce the elections for EALA MPs to a referendum on Hon. Pareno’s performance as Chairperson of ODM NEB. Party nominations, as we know them, are highly emotive matters and not all participants emerge satisfied with the outcomes.

Reason must prevail.