The quarry broker who grisly murdered his wife and three children before dousing himself and burning their house in Malaba Estate in Juja Sub-County had financial and a love triangle challenge, a close confidant  of the family has claimed.
Tabitha Njeri said she had known the family for six years. She said they had stayed together in Kenyatta Road before relocating to Malaba. Speaking at the scene, Njeri known as Mama Shiku disclosed that last SundayRosemary Kanini (deceased) called her and asked her to visit her so that they could pray together.
She said she was overwhelmed by stress. Njeri said she did not make it since she was engaged in church service. She said she was shocked to learn the whole family was no more.
She the deceased had been calling her so that they could pray together since 2013 when they met at Kenyatta Road. “The deceased believed in prayers and that is why she used to call me whenever the deceased have challenges,” said Njeri.
Tabitha Njeri, a confidant of the above family addressing the press.

Tabitha Njeri, a confidant of the above family addressing the press.

She said recently, the late Kanini disclosed to her that she suspected her husband Patrick Ndritu was having an affair with another woman. Njeri said another family friend said the late Kanini who hails from Embu had approached her requesting for Kshs. 300,000. The cash was unavailable.
She said until teh family lived happily and lavishly. A neighbor of the family in Malaba who pleaded for anonymity, said Kanini had told her that her husband was in dire need of Kshs. 1 million to facilitate a deal of Kshs. 4 million.
“She told me that her husband urgently required Kshs. 1 million so that he could supply bricks to a client and make a cool Kshs. 4 million but the cash was not forthcoming,” the neighbour said.
She said recently the husband has been looking a bit confused and distressed. She said a sleek car recently passed by and the deceased quipped that he will soon own such a vehicle.
She said out of the kshs. 1 million, a certain financial institution had pleaded to offer a loan of Kshs. 700,000 leaving a deficit of Kshs. 0.3 million which the deceased was unable to raise.
Early Monday at 1 am, Patrick Nderitu grisly murdered his wife Rosemary Kanini and their 3 children Joe Muraga (7), Jeff Mutua and Joy Wangui (twins) aged 4 years. Kanini had complained that a woman suspected to be having an affair  with her husband had been making stressful calls to her.
According to an Officer who visited the scene soon after the tragedy, the killer cut his family members with sharp object and hit them with blunt object killing them instantly. One of the children had cloth stuffed in mouth  to prevent it from raising alarm.
The remains of burnt household

The remains of burnt household

The police source said it was believed that after killing the wife in their posh bedroom he went for each child at a time in their bedroom and killed them. The impeccable source further said that the killer doused himself and the three bed roomed house with petrol before setting it ablaze.
Members of the public were attracted at the scene by fierce flames of fire and smoke billowing from  the house with a brick perimeter wall. Rescuers who managed to get into the compound after jumping over the wall could hardly save anything since the fierce inferno had consume everything.
The killer had the worst burns. Area Chief Muiruri Muchui was the first to arrive at the scene closely followed by Police officers led by Witeithie AP Camp Commandant James Dawai. Shocked and grief stricken members of the public jammed the home compound to have a glimpse of the scene which they described as a “site of death”.
Chief Muchui asked Kenyans engaged in family challenges to pray, and seek counselling and guidance instead of killing one another. He said the skyrocketing of such cases is worrying. Neighbours said the family had very expensive households including their over Kshs. 100,000 sofa sets which were reduced to ashes. Although the Estate has permanent houses it is in remote areas of Juja Sub-County where most residents are ferried in bikes because of the pathetic and sometimes impassable road network.