‘Get married and have as many kids as possible’ that is the message nyumba kumi chairman Joseph Kaguthi has for women from central Kenya.

Kaguthi lamented that many young women are targeting to be married in wealthy families and shunning young and hardworking young men a move that has led to many women of marriageable age not settling into matrimony.

The nyumba kumi chairman also urged many to take as many wives as possible as long as they can support their families since it is the African culture.

Kaguthi regretaed that the population in Mt Kenya region is dwindling and said something needs to be done to save the future generations of the region from extinction.

‘ Many young women have their eyes into getting married in wealth families which are few,they end up shunning our hard working young men and as a result our population is dwindling” He said

Kaguthi also decried the high level of ilicit brew manufacturing in the region and said it has led to many broken families leading to many single mothers a move that has seen an escalation in crime.

He further said many illicit brew manufactures are women who then turn the blame on men who cannot perform in the ‘bedroom’. He urged residents to turn information to government agencies on those who brew illicit brews.

Kaguthi said nyumba kumi has been a success since its inception in 2013 and urged residents to embrace the idea in the fight against illicit brews and crime.

Kaguthi was speaking at ACK Church Baricho when he met nyumba kumi cluster officials for a sensitization programme