Kalembe Ndile and two other Mavoko MP aspirants have rejected the parliamentary results and intend to challenge them in court.

Constituency returning officer Samuel Chacha declared Peter Makau of Wiper party winner with 49,728 votes.

Ndile (Jubilee) received 16,444 votes, while Michael Mutuku (ODM) had 9,460 votes. Maendeleo Chap Chap’s Philip Kilonzo got 4,683 votes.

But the three said Makau did not win fairly.

“We must seek justice in court. There was a lot of violence in Mavoko during the entire campaign period. There is no single day I held a rally in the constituency without being attacked by Makau’s goons,” Ndile said on Saturday.

He alleged that most of his political meetings were disrupted by Makau’s hired goons who constantly followed him, making campaigns end prematurely due to violence.

The politicians also claimed their supporters were harassed and intimidated by Makau’s supporters and goons on the election day.

“All of us were attacked by the same goons during the campaigns period, not once or twice but severally,” Ndile added.

Kalembe Ndile moves to court to reject Parliamentary results

Ndile and Mutuku said their agents were denied access to polling stations on August 8 since they did not have accreditation from IEBC.

The duo declined to concede defeat and did not sign any document with IEBC officials after results were announced at the tallying centre in Athi River’s National Industrial Training Authority.

“It is also time to pursue the robbery with violence case which I reported at Athi River Police Station after Makau’s handlers well known to me attacked, beat and robbed me money, mobile phone, 2 laptops and Sh4600 on August 7, 2017.

“That was a criminal act, they were baying for my life,” Mutuku said.