Makueni based family is mourning the death of their kin who was shot dead last weekend in Alabama, U.S.

Neighbours say Mike Ngangi, 29, was a man of people who could have lit the village to great heights.

His death is described as a mystery that has affected the family’s future plans since the late had planned to absorb Kenyans in his business and help raise their living standards.

It happened that, on June 3 when police responded to the Citgo gas station on Parkway East for a robbery alarm.

The late, Mike Ngangi, 29, who was shot in Alabama

When officers got on scene, they found two people aiding Ngangi who had been suffering from a single gunshot wound. Medics rushed Ngangi to UAB Hospital where he had surgery for his injuries. Ngangi died the next morning.

Ngangi was a witness to a shooting at the same gas station in December of last year. He spoke to WVTM 13 about his friend being shot in the back just two weeks after arriving in the U.S. from Kenya in search of a better life.

Ngangi leaves behind his wife and two children. His wife is expecting another child in three weeks.

The killer Chandler Bryant aged 18 was arrested by Birmingham police in connection with the shooting of the Kenyan business star and proprietor of 254 business entity.

Investigators say Bryant has been charged with murder and has no bond.

The body is expected to be flown in after burial preparations are completed.