East African Bongo siren and internationally celebrated artist Diamond Platinumz is arguably the king of scandals so to speak.

A Kenyan woman by the name of Gladys has come forth to say that she is not too happy about the fact that Diamond impregnated her then took off.

Speaking to, Shilawandu, Gladys said she met the singer back in 2011 through Facebook. She goes on to add that they were just close friends but over the years they began their relationship.

According to the lady, they even got married but surprisingly did not engage in any sexual relationship either prior to or after the nuptials. However, about a year ago, she got pregnant with his child, who is younger than Zari’s last born son, Nillan.

Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz.

I do not even think a paternity test will be necessary because the lass is honestly, in my professional opinion, just trippin’ balls.

Glady further adds that she traveled all the way from Eldoret Kenya to Tandale hoping that Diamond Platnumz would reconsider and take responsibility for the child. She, however, met the Diamond’s mum who chased her away saying her son would never bed a woman like her.

The new alleged baby mama says they’ve met a couple of times whenever he is in Nairobi but after losing his contacts, the singer has disappeared from her life too.