Githeri man, an unwitting and unexpected hero has brought the Kenyan nation together through laughter in the 2017 electoral period.

Dubbed Githeri bae, he was photographed standing in line to vote while eating from a paper bag of githeri, a swarthy tall man wearing a beige tweed coat and beige pants with a black and white shirt.

The photograph has since gone viral and has been used to create hilarious memes.

Githeri bae has been parodied in photos of Air Force 1, album covers and in movie posters.

He has become such a phenomenon that media personalities are now looking for find him. Christopher Kirwa, popular event organizer and showbiz icon has kick started an online campaign to find Githeri man and see how Kenyans can contribute to his and his family’s life. It was also suggested that he be honoured with a holiday for uniting Kenyans at this time.

Daniel Ndambuki aka “Churchill” a comedian wants to host him on the Churchill Show.

Kenyans have circulated the information on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram trying to find the comical hero Kenya never thought it needed.

Githeri man is so in demand that Classic 105’s breakfast show, Maina Kageni has apparently promised any Kenyans who finds him Sh20,000.