The Kenya National Council of People Living with Disabilities (NCPWD) Kericho branch chairman, Dennis Nyariki has appealed to the county government to embrace and accept children living with disabilities and assist them get basic education.

Speaking to Tupo at his office on Tuesday, in Kericho town, Nyariki said the children too had rights as their normal counterparts and should not to be locked out in securing meaningful and productive lives.

“Article 53 and 54 of our constitution, children with disabilities have the right to education, good and affordable health care and should be handled with dignity and have the right to express themselves,” said Nyariki.

Nyariki called upon the county government and well-wishers in the county to focus on assisting children living with disabilities to seek education by supporting them with bursaries.

“We know parents are having challenges paying school fees. We know disability is associated with poverty. Associated expenses to disability make the parents quite vulnerable and unable to pay school fees and other essentials for their children. We appeal for the county government and other well-wishers to come on board to assist them with their school fees,” said Nyariki.

NCPWD Kericho branch chairman, Dennis Nyariki comes to defense of children with disabilities

NCPWD Kericho branch chairman, Dennis Nyariki has asked the county government to refrain from discriminating against children with disabilities

He urged parents of children living with disabilities not discriminate against them but expose them to learning environments since the government was committed at empowering them with relevant infrastructure in their learning institutions.

“The government through the National Council of People Living with Disabilities has a program whereby they are making infrastructure in various learning institutions relevant and comfortable for persons with disabilities,” he added.

The official, who is visually challenged, said stigma and discrimination has widely contributed to the unproductivity of persons living with disability in their communities who often feel discouraged to engage in anything meaningful since they consider themselves inferior.