Controversial Uasin Gishu politician, Jackson Kibor was on Tuesday afternoon arrested by police for an alleged attempt to shoot his son on Thursday last week.

The veteran politician who was once arrested over allegations of involvement in the 2007/2008 post election violence was picked up from his Kabenes farm in Ziwa, Soy constituency.

Police officers arrested Kibor and bundled him into their car before driving him to his other home in Chepseria near Chepkoilel, though no reasons was given for his being taken to Chepkoilel.

Ezekiel Kibor (third born Son) accused his father of attempting to kill him when he aimed his pistol and shot at him trying to shoot him over a land dispute at Kabenes.

Ezekiel Kibor, whose mother, Naomi Cheptoo is involved in a protracted court battle with the prominent farmer filing a divorce case said Kibor attempted to shoot at him with a pistol as he was ploughing on the disputed 200 acre piece of land, luckily the pistol jammed and the scared son managed to flee from the scene.

“He (Jackson Kibor) came to the land and ordered my driver and workers to vacate immediately. He later removed his gun, aimed at me and pulled the trigger but the gun jammed, giving me the opportunity to escape,” a shaken Ezekiel explained.

Uasin Gishu politician Jackson Kibor.

Uasin Gishu politician Jackson Kibor.

A recorded video of the attempted shooting went viral on social media showing the veteran politician moving closer to the victim with his pistol drawn, some clicking sounds are heard before Ezekiel is ducking and fleeing from the attack. Kibor then walks casually towards his vehicle and parks a few metres away.

Kibor, however, refuted the claims saying that it was his sons who wanted to attack him with machetes.

He said he only removed the pistol because his sons wanted to attack him while armed with machetes and crude weapons. However, according to Eldoret West Police, Samuel Muntunga Kibor presented himself at the police station on Tuesday morning to record a statement over the incident.

“We have confiscated the pistol for further analysis to establish if it is legally registered and if any bullets had been fire from it,”said Mutunga.