Kisumu governor, Jack Ranguma has said his government could push for the revocation of ownership of land allocated to East African Breweries (Kenya) Ltd in Kisumu City.

Ranguma claims that the land in question has been lying idle after East African Breweries Company relocated to Nairobi, citing losses it incurred continuously over decades. He said Castle Breweries of South Africa should be considered for licensing to fully utilize the abandoned facility after they expressed interest with the promise of expanding the investments to offer employment to thousands of unemployed youths.

The governor made the remarks soon after he was installed as an Elder by the Kasagam community at Tido Kasule with majority of the speakers at the forum arguing that Kenya Breweries has deliberately denied local residents employment opportunities.

Kisumu County to revoke ownership of land allocated to EABL

“They have continuously turned the expansive facility into a store as opposed to brewing purposes. This leaves no other option but for us to welcome Castle Breweries who have announced readiness to come to Kisumu and we plan to give them the space,” he revealed.

On the collapsed Miwani Sugar firm (under receivership alongside Muhoroni), Ranguma said the former was expected. He stated that Miwani could be expanded to offer many job opportunities for the residents out-maneuvering the privately owned Kibos Sugar & Allied Industries Ltd (KSAIL) which has allegedly imported majority aliens (Asians) employees for menial jobs.

“Kisumu is destined to become a great port and a preferred economic hub for trade for countries in the East African region. We have also established a maritime training institute here in Kisumu to train and also employ more people locally and regionally,” he noted.